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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Permits

Los Angeles Soft Story Permits

Sinai soft story retrofit can handle all the documentation, permits and filing of paperwork with the City of Los Angeles and LADBS. This is a good thing, now lets talk about why...

Let's say you’ve had plans drawn up that show the current condition of your building, what has to be demolished and how to retrofit your soft story building. This is the first step to getting permits and your soft story retrofit project in the works.


But if the plan is not in compliance with the regulations (it happens all the time) the city will ask you to address corrections and resubmit the plans. This takes more time and money.


Sinai has been doing soft story retrofit projects longer than anybody, so you can rest assured that your project WILL comply with ALL the regulations. Your permit will be approved the first time and your soft story retrofit project ready to go.

Another thing we want to put out there, when you get into the process of retrofitting your soft-story building in Los Angeles, you might find you’ll need to do a lot of coordination through multiple departments in the city. This can be challenging.

But here’s some good news. Working with the city is a passion of Sinai, and we know the drill.  With our soft story retrofit expertise, experience, and in-house staff we make sure to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. In other words, we make sure nothing slips through the cracks with city requirements and different departments. It’s knowing what you need and where to go to get it, that gets your soft story retrofit permits in a timely fashion. This helps keep your soft story retrofit project on time and on budget.

And never forget the importance of quality tenant management during the retrofit of your soft-story building. At Sinai soft story retrofit, we make sure your tenants have a pleasant experience as well as you, the owner.  Lets face it, the process of making your building, their home, safer in an earthquake, takes some time and will involve a degree of inconvenience. But out Sinai tenant management group will keep your tenants informed about all the procedures, and are available to answer any questions regarding parking, retrofit construction times, or any other questions your tenants may have. In other words they will be calling us, not you.

After decades of jumping through the city hoops, we know how to quickly satisfy the Los Angeles soft story retrofitting program, so you ca relax during the permitting process knowing Sinai is on the case. From the first soft story retrofit permit to the last, we keep you up to date on all fees, inspections, and changes. When you have been doing soft story retrofit projects as long as we have, you know the quickest route to achieving full compliance in Los Angeles.


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Time to get your Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Permits in the works. Call Sinai Soft Story Retrofit today (323) 655-0960

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This Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit building is getting torn up. But that's what it takes to find out the condition of the structures integrity.

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The speed of a soft story retrofit project in Los Angeles can depend a lot of how quickly you can obtain permits. So get your permits in the works as early as you can. The Los Angeles building department is doing the best they can, but getting a permit can take some time.

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