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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Blog

This is what a Sinai Soft Story Retrofit will prevent when another earthquake hits Los Angeles.

If you have a soft story building in Los Angeles, then you know. You have a certain amount of time to fix it with a soft story retrofit before there are consequences. Besides avoiding penalties from the city there are safety issues for your renters. Are they even aware the building they're in is unsafe? And think about this, with a soft story retrofit not only will your Los Angeles building be safe, you can also demand more in rent. In the end, you win any way you look at it. Call Sinai Soft Story Retrofit today and get the process started. Yes it is a process and the sooner you start the better. #softstoryconstruction #softstoryretrofit #losangelessoftstoryretrofit #softstory

soft story retrofit problem
A Soft Story Retrofit can keep this from happening.

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