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The difference between soft story building support and soft story retrofit building support...

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

los angeles soft story  retrofit construction
Compare the round metal post to mans right to the steel support his hand is on.

This is a good example of how a Sinai soft story retrofit improves a Los Angeles soft story buildings support. If you look at the round pole at the mans elbow you'll see the original soft story building support. It's one a series of poles supporting the over hang which is parking for the tenets of the building. Problem here is, in an earthquake, all these pole move independently which can cause them to tear apart from the building. The result is the soft story building collapses.

Now look at the new soft story retrofit steel support that the mans hand is resting on. This is one of a series of steel supports that are tied together on top by another steel beam and on the bottom by a new foundation of rebar and concrete. In essence what Sinai Soft Story Retrofit has built is a solid frame to support your soft story building. When another earthquake hits Los Angeles, and it will, this new support system holds together, keeping your soft story building safe.

If you're thinking of doing a Los Angeles soft story retrofit on one of your building, get in touch. We've been doing Los Angeles soft story retrofit projects for decades and know a thing or two about getting it done on time, on budget and done right. Can't hurt to talk, and we just might save you some money and a whole lot of headaches.

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