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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Blog

Some of our Sinai Soft Story Retrofit employees in action at our home office...

los angeles soft story retrofit construction
A soft story retrofit company is only as good as it's team. And we have a great team.

Behind every successful soft story retrofit project, is our team of passionate soft story retrofit employees. Our employees are the back bone and engine of Sinai Soft Story Retrofit, it's because of them that every project is finished on time, on budget and built right.

Does not matter if they are in the office or in the field they are in constant communication with each other on every soft story project. It's this kind of team work that keeps every soft story project moving along to meet it's deadline.

Even though I'm running the company, it's my proven staff that makes it all work on a daily basis. I can truthfully say, the most valuable assets of Sinai walk in the door every morning, and out the door every evening.

We have decades of experience in soft story retrofit construction and a long list of happy clients. So if you're in the market for some soft story retrofit construction, give us a call. I'm sure we can save you some money, and a whole lot of headaches.

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