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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Blog

Setting in the steel frame for another Sinai Soft Story Retrofit building in Los Angeles...

Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit
Setting in the steel frame that will earthquake proof this Los Angeles soft story building.

The reason certain Los Angeles buildings are called soft story, are because the support they have is, well, soft. This is because the soft story vertical support is not tied together so they stay together when the ground starts to move. So in the case of an earthquake, all the soft story buildings vertical support starts moving in different directions tearing the building apart, and the building may collapse.

What we do with to remedy this is install a steel frame into your soft story building that is mounted into a reinforced foundation. So when an earthquake hits Los Angeles again, and it will, your soft story building does not tear it's self apart and risk collapse. After a soft story retrofit, your building is safe. Safe for your tenets, safe for the neighborhood and safe as an investment.

Sinai soft story retrofit knows a thing or two about soft story buildings, after all we've been making Los Angeles soft story building safe for decades. If you're thinking about a soft story retrofit project, get in touch. I'm sure we can save you a couple of bucks, and a whole lot of headaches. #losangelessoftstoryretrofit #softstoryretrofit #softstory #sinaisoftstoryretrofit #bestsoftstoryretrofit

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