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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Blog

Nearing the finish line on another Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Construction Project...

soft story retrfio construction
Sinai Soft Story Retrofit Construction almost finished.

It's a beautiful sight to see another Los Angeles soft story retrofit project coming together in the end. The foundation has been laid, the steel frame and supports in place, and the finishing process in the works. Although we have to tear into the building and foundation to create the new retrofit support, when we are done, you will never know we were there. It's one of the things we really pride ourselves on. When we're done with your soft story retrofit construction, we make sure the original look and feel of the building is once again alive and well. Just the way it was originally intended. But now your Los Angeles building is earthquake safe. We've been doing soft story retrofit construction for decades and have it down to a science. If you're in the Los Angeles market and looking for a soft story retrofit on one of your buildings, give us a call. I'm betting we can save you some money, and a lot of headaches. #losangelessoftstoryretrofit #softstoryretrofit #softstoryretrofitconstuction #softstorybuilding

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