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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Blog

If you have a Los Angeles building built like this one, you're due for a Soft Story Retrofit.

See that large horizontal beam holding up the second story, now notice the small vertical support it has, if you follow the large bean to the wall there will be another small vertical support there as well helping to hold up the second story. But here's the problem: when an earthquake hits and the soft story building starts to shake, all the vertical supports start moving independently in different directions, and there's a very good chance they will pull away from each other and their support will fail. When that happens, the second story comes down, crushing everything below it. This is why the city of Los Angeles is mandating soft story building get a soft story retrofit ASAP. This is a specialized process where your building is fortified and reinforced with steel and concrete to withstand an earthquake. If you have a soft story building in Los Angeles, give us a call. We're soft story retrofit experts and can answer all your questions. So give Sinai Soft Story Retrofit a call today. It can't hurt, and could save you some headaches and probably a couple of bucks down the road. Hope to hear from you soon...

soft story retrofit construction
Another Sinai Soft Story Retrofit project in Los Angeles.

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