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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Blog

Creating the foundation that will help save your Los Angeles soft story building in an earthquake.

This is the beginning of securing your Los Angeles soft story building. We cut into your present foundation, then refortify it with rebar and concrete all along the soft story part of your building. Next we build the soft story retrofit steel frame that your building will sit on, and install it. This steel frame is what ties your soft story building together and keeps it from tearing apart in an earthquake. But never fear, even though we need to rip into your buildings walls and foundation to strengthen everything, when we're done you will hardly know we were ever there. Sinai Soft Story Retrofit has been doing Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Construction for decades, and that's what comes with experience. If you have a soft story retrofit project in Los Angeles coming up, give us a call. We know we can save you some headaches...and some money. #softstoryretrofit #sinaisoftstoryretrofit #sosftstoryretrofitconstructioin #softstoryretrofitbuilding

los angeles soft story retrofit construction
Another Los Angeles Sinai Soft Story Retrofit Project from the ground up.

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