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Another Los Angeles Sinai Foundation Repair Project in the Works.

You have a house in Los Angeles, well let's just say, you should be keeping an eye on the foundation. It's something you should occasionally check, because it's what your whole house sits on. If it's not solid, then neither is your house. First signs could be visual, some cracking or crumbling. Next is an uneven floor, that's a sign the house is shifting. In other words your foundation is starting to fail. Catch it soon enough and it's not a big deal. You can save yourself some money. Wait too long though, and you got a big project. If you're suspect of your foundation, or just want to do a safety check on the health of your foundation, give Sinai Soft Story Retrofit a call. We're experts in foundation repair and happy to give you some advice, or even get in there and repair your home foundation for your. We're just a call away...

soft story retrofit foundation repair
Sinai Soft Story Retrofit, we're foundation repair experts.

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