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Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit Blog

A Los Angeles Soft Story Retrofit project is a process...

los angeles soft story retrofit construction
Soft Story Retrofit is a process that can be easy, or hard...

When you start soft story retrofit construction it's a process that, when done properly results in minimal headaches. The first thing you have to do is get your engineering organized. What kind of soft story project is your building (it's not one size fits all). Los Angeles soft story buildings are all different and one solution will not work for all of them. If someone tells you other wise, run for the hills. Next, you need to get the proper soft story retrofit permits from the city of Los Angeles. This can be a mind numbing experience. But Sinai Soft Story Retrofit has a department with experience dedicated to this, relationships with the Los Angeles powers downtown and can fast track this step. Lastly, you have soft story retrofit construction. This is where the rubber hits the road, where having an experienced crew like Sinai Soft Story Retrofit on your team can save you time and money. After all, we've been doing soft story retrofit construction for decades, and to say we know a thing or two is an understatement. If you're thinking about a Los Angeles soft story retrofit project give us a call. We can save you not only money, but a lot of headaches as well. Hope to hear from you soon... #losangelessoftstroyretrofit #sinaisoftstoryretofit #softstoryretrofitconstruction #bestsoftstoryretrofit #softstoryconstruction

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